Automatic Temperature Measurement Gate (AI application)

The gate automatically measures the body temperature of people passing through and alerts if the temperature is high. Apply in buildings, quarantine areas needed to control people in and out.

  • Automatically measure temperature and alert if body temperature is high
  • Manage video and temperature remotely via mobile device or computer
  • Able to access photos history and temperature as well as users data statistics
  • Automatically guide users through the LCD screen and voice
  • Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to measure only when there are people, or to use for employees face recognition, no face mask detection, gender
Fever Detection Gate
Woman having temperature measured using the Fever Detection Gate


  • Safe for managers
  • High accuracy (0.3 ° C)
  • Automatic, fast and accurate with multi-function and intelligence  system 
  • Affordability, easy installation and management
  • Constantly updated, improved and technical support
  • Vietnamese Support


operating Model



Users contact with the device

  • User stands in front and gets forehead closer to sensor (distance from 2cm to 30cm)



Respond from the device

  • Results will be informed via the LCD screen or audio
  • Temperature below 38°C: Normal
  • Temperature from 38°C or higher: Fever



Manage and control reports remotely

  • Thermal camera images, temperature and target information will be transmitted online to the app or web app for the manager
  • Able to retrieve alarms via images, temperature, measurement time


  • AI
  • Embedded
  • Web application
  • Python
  • Open CV
  • AWS elastic load balancer
  • Websocket
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon EC2