Candidate matching

Candidate Matching provides an innovative method for the company’s recruitment process. By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), Candidate matching helps company automate the hiring process, which not only allows employers to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks but also reduces manpower costs, ensuring the quality of candidates.

  • Provide automated recruiting solutions from search, refinement, selection, onboarding and tracking.
  • Allow recruiters and HR managers to reduce their workload.
  • Reduce interview time and human resources.
  • Help find and screen CV intelligently for the best candidates.
  • Replace manual and repetitive tasks.
Candidate Matching dashboard showing suitable candidates
Candidate Matching dashboard showing candidates' experience details
Candidate Matching dashboard showing candidates' experience details


  • High productivity
  • Find out more high-quality candidates
  • Recruiting more quickly
  • Easy to customize
  • Save costs, time and manpower


Operating model



Employers set requirements on the web app.



The system searches, extracts, evaluates data and finds suitable candidates on recruitment sites.


  • VueJS framework
  • Karma, JasmineJS, JS testing
  • NodeJS, ExpressJS, Middleware
  • Deplopment Environment, Linux
  • Python 3
  • Request, Beautiful Soup 4
  • Django, Django REST framework
  • Oymongo, MongoDB
  • AI (Skill2Vec)
  • Chatbot