Contact Tracing Software

  • Use facial image data of subjects and videos extracted from available cameras (Camera IP, Webcam, smartphone, etc.)
  • Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect subjects from the facial image data and identify people come in contact with them to find F1-F2-F3 appearing in the video.
  • Export report with the time subjects and people come into contact.
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Dashboard showing detected faces
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Dashboard showing detected faces
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Dashboard showing list of monitored individuals


  • Save time and reduce risk of infection. Through videos, the system automatically delineates and quickly identifies the subjects while minimizing the risk of infection when in close contact..
  • Reduce delineation time. Timely respond, identify and isolate suspected areas, reducing investigation time and risk of disease spreading.
  • Optimize workforce. Reduce the number of healthcare staffs in charge of scrutinizing, searching, monitoring and delineating.
  • Optimize cost.


Operating model



Collect image and video data

  • Cameras record subject movement in public areas such as airports, buses, streets, etc.
  • These data are transmitted to the system in real-time.



Scrutinize and screen F0,F1,F2, etc.

Export available data of positive and infected subjects for data analysis.



Analyze and classify subjects

  • Identify people in contact with infected or is suspected to be positive.
  • Automatically retrieve results while storing relevant information of subjects (image, time, degree of contact, etc.)



Contain and manage

Delineate suspected contagious areas and report to the management system.