E-Health Center


MCare allows users to remotely monitor their health through a combination of IoT and smartwatch. This system enables interconnection between users, patients and doctors. Users can monitor health indices such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, ECG, sleep quality, steps… Additionally, AI technology is also incorporated to give users/doctors for the most appropriate treatments or interventions.

mCare Solutions UI patient profile detail
mCare Solutions UI Heart Rate Data


  • Doctors or health centers staff can easily monitor health status of their patients in a timely manner.
  • Help family members monitor patient’s location and health status.
  • A built-in navigation system and SOS notify emergency centers in cases of urgent situation.
  • Analyze and export relevant data for future diagnosis.


Operating model



Patient (or athlete) registers the wearable devices and personal information into the system through a mobile app or web portal.



The system will automatically, check, and assign a follow-up doctor (or trainer) to the user.



Health information (Steps, HR, HRV, ECG, and Sleep quality) will be sent to the system from the wearable devices via mobile app.



The system will then analyze these data and give alerts about patients’ health status. Doctors (or trainers) and family members can monitor patients (or athletes) through the web portal.


  • Backend: Java, Spring/Spring Cloud, Hibernate/JPA, HTML5/CSS3, VueJS/VueX, Bootstrap
  • Database: MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
  • Mobile: Flutter, BLE, Firebase Cloud Message
  • Data analytic: AI, Python, sklearn, Tensoflow
  • SQA: Automation robot framework, Selenium
  • Devops: Traefil/Nginx, Docker, Gitlab, Kubernetes, AWS, ELK