Home quarantine control device

  • Location control: The built-in GPS device locates the position of the person in quarantine in real-time, recording quarantine violations.
  • Temperature monitoring: The device integrates the temperature sensor, measures and reports the body temperature to the management system, replacing health workers to check the temperature of the quarantined person daily and reducing the risks of infection through close contact.
  • Warning alert: When the quarantined leaves the quarantine area or has high body temperature, the device will automatically send a warning to the system for an in-time response.
  • Data safeguard: Data transmitted from the device is of high security, only controlled and retrieved by authorized parties.
  • Health indicators: The device also checks for blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, etc.
COVID-19 Home Quarantine smart wearable
COVID-19 Home Quarantine Phone Dashboard along with smart wearable
COVID-19 Home Quarantine smart wearable
COVID-19 Home Quarantine smart wearable
COVID-19 Home Quarantine UI Dashboard information of the quarantined
COVID-19 Home Quarantine UI Dashboard with list of all quarantined individuals
COVID-19 Home Quarantine UI Dashboard with all notifications and warnings


  • Reduce the risk of infection through close contact
  • Save time
  • Reduce the pressure on health workers
  • Easy to manage and control
  • Promptly respond to emergencies


Operation model



Provide equipment and synchronize information

Create a profile on the tracking system and provide wearables to the quarantined person.



 Set up a tracking alerts

Set up the alert conditions: leaving quarantine area and having high temperature.



 Alert system

Based on the set conditions, the system automatically detects a violation of quarantine or high temperature and sends a warning to the authorized manager



Data retrieval

Managers can retrieve travel history and temperature information.


  • Redis Cache
  • ASDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Client
  • GPS Tracker Web API