Indoor Positioning

This is an indoor positioning system with high level of accuracy (+/- 10-20cm) in 3D model (x,y,z). Developed by TMA Innovation from hardware to firmware and software, this system can track and monitor items, goods in the warehouse; monitor health status of the elder and children at home or at healthcare centers, etc. Additionally, TMA Innovation’s Indoor Positioning system has also achieved an award from IoT Start Up Contest 2019.

Indoor Positioning sensors
Indoor Positioning dashboard


  • Ability to perform tracking and monitoring activities on items, goods in the warehouse
  • Monitoring health status of the elder and children at home or at healthcare centers
  • Optimize manpower


Operating model



Install anchor and tag

  • Insert batteries for anchor, tag.
  • Attach anchor to fixed locations on the deployment area; mark the names of anchor in accordance with its ID for ease of later positioning. Note that to determine the height of the tag accurately, anchor should be fixed at least 2 meters above ground level.



Install and connect gateway (Pi3) to the internet

Power the gateway, if it fails to connect to the internet, an access point and website will be created. We can use computer or smart phones to scan and connect to wifi.



Log into server management for configuration

  • Users need to contact the administrator to be provided with an account and kit (including gateway, 04 anchors and 01 tag).
  • Users will be provided an account include username and password in accordance with the gateway that was given to manage anchor and tag.
  • Proceed to login:
    • Visit the website: and proceed to log in using the granted account.
    • Switch to /map to proceed basic installation:
    • Make sure gateway has already connected. If have not, recheck its internet configuration
    • Download floorplan
  • After setting basic configurations of the floorplan, users can proceed to install 04 anchor (fixed) according to the location in the room to the floorplan.
  • After accurately install, tag will appear at the specific locations. Users can set up basic configuration for tag: tag name, sending speed to gateway and data update speed for server. Users can also see tag’s coordinates.
  • Interact with floorplan: users can double click on tag or anchor to set up basic configuration.


  • Front-end: ReactJS
  • Backend: NodeJS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Message-broker/Queuing:MQTT
  • Embedded Development