Short-range Thermal Camera device


Short-range Thermal Camera auto-detects IDs, checks for face masks and measures temperatures of users using real-time smart visual processor and infrared thermometer.

The system can be used in quarantine areas or at the entrance of any buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, factories and even supermarkets, where a high number of entering people needs to have their temperature monitored during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face identification also allows further applications, such as security or attendance check.

Man being checked by Short-range Thermal Camera
Man being checked by Short-range Thermal Camera
Woman being checked by Short-range Thermal Camera
Woman being checked by Short-range Thermal Camera


  • Safe. Temperature is automatically measured and monitored through the web or internal system. This prevents close exposure with COVID-19 positive cases and further spread of the coronavirus, reducing risks and keeping the community safe.
  • Accurate. Using medical infrared thermometer, Short-range Thermal Camera bears high accuracy in temperature measurement – up to 0.3 °C – and can precisely identify each individuals.
  • Fast. Short-range Thermal Camera automatically measures user’s temperature in only 0.5 – 1s.
  • Convenient. Short-range thermal Camera is easy to be installed and managed. It is constantly updated and upgraded, and can be modified or customised to fit each clients’ needs.  
  • Secured. Data is guaranteed to be private and secured within cloud storage or internal server.


Operating Model



  • User makes close contact with Thermal Camera (about 2 – 30 cm).
  • Thermal Camera auto-detects ID, face mask and measures temperatures of user.



Data is displayed on LCD screen. If the person does not wear face mask or has body temperature higher than 38°C, the system gives a voice warning on site. 





  • Data and real-time visual are transmitted to manager’s web app via cloud or internal system.
  • All data is stored in cloud storage or internal system, allowing access to past images, temperatures, IDs, and time of entrance.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded
  • Web application
  • Python
  • Open CV
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer
  • Websocket
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon EC2