Smart car parking system

Smart Car Parking System provides a real-time information of parking locations.

Parking status data collected from various sensors is then transferred to the cloud system with the help of IoT devices. Users can easily look for the nearest parking location, check for parking availability or reserve a spot via mobile application.

  • Monitor individual parking space.
  • Keep track of and display available parking spots in real time.
  • Payment function integrated in mobile application.
  • Use AI to predict available spaces.
Smart Car Parking System Model with 2 model cars
Smart Car Parking System Model with 2 model cars


  • Optimize parking.
  • Reduce traffic load.
  • Enhance user experience.
  • Integrate payment service.
  • Increase safety.
  • Show real-time data.
  • Reduce management cost.



  • IoT Platform: SierraWireless MangOH
  • Wireless Protocol: NB-IoT
  • Clould Intergrated: Octave