Smart Sanitizer UV Box

  • Use UV-C light to disinfect all surfaces.
  • Automatically turn UV light off when opened to avoid direct exposure.
  • Operate by touch sensors.
  • Detailed display screen.
  • Notification via phone devices.
  • Automatic time adjustments when UV light lifespan decreases.
TMA Innovation Smart Sanitation Box using UV-C Light
Facial Mask being put into the Smart Sanitation Box
TMA Innovation Smart Sanitation Box using UV-C Light


  • Smart Sanitizer Box has different sizes, suitable for all users.
    • Small: Compact and travel-friendly design, ideal for individual or household usage.
    • Medium: Suitable for organizations, buildings, offices. Located at large gates, entry points for ease of access and use.
  • Reasonable cost of ownership provides optimal support for users during the hardship of illness.


Operating model



Open the door and place the items needing disinfection inside the box.



Close the door and press the start button to begin the sanitation process. To increase UVC projection time, press the start button multiple times.



When countdown stops or phone receives a notification, open the box and remove the item.


  • UV light
  • Telegram
  • IoT
  • Mobile
  • Cloud