Smart Camera Box device


Most businesses, offices, buildings, etc. has already been equipped with a camera system, although with out-of-date software and limited capability. However, upgrading the whole system would cost a lot and cause inconvenience of all kinds.

Smart Camera Box is an add-on device that can easily upgrade any camera. Just connect Smart Camera Box to your camera system and it will become a smart camera system. Integrated Artificial Intelligence technology opens new doors to various functions, such as: 

  • People counting
  • Queue counting
  • Face identification
  • Face mask detection
  • Safety helmet detection
  • Drowsy driver/student/employee detection
  • Thief detection
  • Loyal customer detection
Smart Camera Box identification and face mask detection
Smart Camera Box detecting student/worker concentration
Smart Camera Box detecting worker not wearing helmet
Smart Camera Box detecting drowsy/distracting driver
Smart Camera Box system detecting people coming into dangerous area
Smart Camera Box applications in many fields


  • Remote monitor, remote control.
  • Quick installation, easy to integrate and deploy.
  • Easy data collection, storage and management.
  • Enhanced management efficiency.
  • High-security, cost-saving.
  • Upgradable hardware and software.
  • Support many different Cloud service platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud…





User connects the Smart Camera Box to the camera system. 

  • Wired: LAN, coaxial cable, etc.
  • Wireless: wifi, LTE, etc.

Smart Camera Box extracts video streams from the camera system. Integrated Artificial Intelligence then analyzes the collected visual data.



Smart Camera Box system automatically detects and alerts in cases of pre-set conditions, such as: stranger entering buildings, students not paying attention, driver sleeping, workers not wearing helmets, queue overloading, thief attempting on a vehicle, etc.

Manager also receives warning alerts in order to deal with any issues detected, minimizing risks and ensuring safety.




After data analysis, visual data will be sent onto Cloud storage services in forms of statistics.Users can access Smart Camera Box visual dashboards to see data in forms of charts and tables.



Smart Camera Box offers enhanced security and management. Data collection and data analysis become easy, laying foundation for further business development, such as:

  • Identifying loyal customers, along with their shopping behavior and deploying business/marketing strategies or customer services accordingly based on data collected at stores;
  • Improving lesson content and teaching quality based on students’ behavior in classes.
  • And so on.


        • Artificial Intelligence
        • Cloud storage: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud…