Customer Data Platform Solution

An innovative technology platform designed to collect, process, and analyze customer data from a variety of sources, empowering businesses to leverage existing data for streamlined operations and improved customer experiences.

Operating model

Main features

Data collection and integration from multiple sources

Unified customer profiles

Provide a comprehensive 360º view of customers by unifying data from multiple sources into a single profile.

Customer segmentation

Accurate and specific customer segmentation with regular, dynamic, and predictive file segmentation.

Multi-channel marketing automation

Automate marketing processes across diverse channels, assisting in optimizing marketing activities and engaging with customers at the precise time, through the correct channel, and with the appropriate message.

Use case

Convert customer from offline to online with QR code


  • Customers come to the offline store to scan the Zalo QR code, register information and receive discount coupons on the spot in real time
  • Receive 1:1 personalized discount coupons code via ZNS/Zalo OA text message


  • The number of users and vouchers
  • Revenue
  • Conversion rate

Send a reminder about the abandoned cart


  • Customers have abandoned their carts on the website. Check if they haven't made a purchase through any channel
  • Then, send a reminder message to customers to encourage them to proceed to checkout via SMS, Email, or Zalo


  • Number of reminders sent
  • Revenue generated

Cross sell/ Upsell


  • Based on past transaction history, customers will receive product recommendations or suggestions to purchase higher-priced items through:
    • Onsite notifications (App push/Web push)
    • SMS/ZNS messages
    • Email


  • Revenue
  • Conversion rate

Retargeting on Facebook/ Google/ Tiktok Ads


  • The customer visited the website and browsed through the products, then logged out after signing in to their account
  • Based on the products they searched for on the website, remarket to them through Facebook/Google/Tiktok Ads


  • Conversion rate
  • Campaign cost

Birthday Offer


  • Send birthday congratulations messages with personalized vouchers to each customer, and automate the process
  • Remind customers to use the vouchers and track their usage journey


  • Number of vouchers sent out
  • Number of vouchers used
  • Revenue

Customer feedback through surveys on Zalo Official Account (OA)


  • Activate survey sending via Zalo OA when:
    • Customers complete their orders in-store or through e-commerce
    • Customers scan QR codes at the store or click on the “survey” link on the website
    • A complaint is marked as resolved


  • Survey report


Get 360° customer profiles

Customer data from various sources is gathered, aggregated, and consolidated, enabling businesses to gain enhanced insights into customer behavior and requirements.

Reach potential customers easily

Groups of potential customers are filtered out to optimize resources and time for consultation and care.

Personalize and optimize customer experience

Create a personalized experience for each customer.

Identify and resolve problems quickly

A complete customer context assists businesses in timely identifying and resolving customer concerns.

Coordinate and effectively implement multi-channel campaigns

The capacity to analyze customer behavior aids businesses in identifying the right target audience, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses associated with marketing to irrelevant customers.

Implementation Process

1. Planning

  • Plan the implementation
  • Estimate work required
  • Estimate execution time

2. Analysis

  • Determine data sources, conduct structural analysis, and derive implications from the data.
  • Define specific goals in the use of data: reporting, statistics, evaluation, prediction, etc.

3. Design

  • Design data schemas and pipelines to transform data in the system
  • Design reports, charts, forecasts, etc. according to business requirements

4. Implementation

  • Maintain system operation
  • Upgrade functions and update system changes

5. Testing & Integration

  • Check system operation
  • Integrate applications into the system

6. Maintenance

  • Build and implement data collection systems
  • Build and deploy data processing and transformation systems

Contact information

  • General information:
    (028) 3990 2680 (Mr. Andy)
  • T-Building: (028) 3995 1061 (Mr. Thang)
  • mCare: (028) 3995 1062 (Ms. Yen)
  • IoT: (028) 3990 2698 (Mr. Nghiep)
  • CDP: +84 83 600 5803 (Mr. Nguyen)
  • contact@tmainnovation.vn
  • TMA Tower, Street #10, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, HCM City

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