Remote Health Monitoring Ecosystem - mCare

A technology platform that automatically collects health data from watches, smart wearables and specialized devices to help partners improve healthcare services.

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Operating model

1Users using available devices

2Gateway device connects to many patients at the same time, suitable for hospital, nursing home business model

3Support a variety of smart devices

Connected device

Basic features

Connect a variety of devices

Connect with doctors

Monitor health data 24/7

Supports data collection from devices by taking OCR images

Automatic alert (app, SMS, callbot) when there are abnormal signs

Fall detection

Share health data for relatives, doctors

Share location/GPS for relatives

Assist relatives to install, configure and monitor health remotely

Automatically analyze health data

Advanced Features

Anticipate complications before they happen

Support data-driven diagnostics

Home health care management

Drug purchase and rental - sale of medical equipment management

Health analysis and advice for each user

Provide specialized translations for each object

Solutions for each specific disease

Connect services to support the comprehensive healthcare platform


mCare - Data collection and analysis platform for multiple healthcare services. Monitor health at home 247, show and promptly warn abnormalities. Connect with other healthcare services.

For users

  • Monitor health regularly by using high-tech devices
  • Timely detect and solve of abnormalities before complications occur
  • Limit travel, reduce the risk of infection
  • Reduce cost of healthcaring
  • Personalize healthcaring

For partners

  • Provide real-time data to increase the effectiveness of treatment
  • Create a comprehensive healthcare solution at any time, anywhere (at home, work, travel, hospital...)
  • Open up new target customer
  • Monitor 24/7 and provide regular service instead of waiting for complication to occur
  • Take advantage of the resources and investments of the partners

mCareKit - Health care solution at home

Medical kit at home/nursing home/drugstore: Measure health indicators, store them on the system and connect to medical centers to provide services

  • Heart rate
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • SPO2
  • ECG
  • Temperature
  • Sleep

1. Measure blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature,.. and store them on the system

2. Sign in by FaceID or phone number

3. Integrate into remote consulting services

- Health nutrition and exercise monitoring - consultancy

Contact information

  • General information:
    (028) 3990 2680 (Mr. Andy)
  • T-Building: (028) 3995 1061 (Mr. Thang)
  • mCare: (028) 3995 1062 (Ms. Yen)
  • IoT: (028) 3990 2698 (Mr. Nghiep)
  • CDP: +84 83 600 5803 (Mr. Nguyen)
  • TMA Tower, Street #10, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, HCM City

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